Anti-Racist Resources for Educators

The following are a list of anti-racism resources for educators. The resources are organized by different categories, including:

  • General Anti-Racism Books and Resources
  • Young Author Books
  • Preschool and Early Learning Resources
  • K-12 Resources
  • Postsecondary Resources
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars and TedTalks
  • Documentaries

The resources were selected to help inform educators’ practices and may be used as a jumping off point in professional and personal conversations and learning regarding anti-racism. This list is not comprehensive and should only be used as a guide for suggested readings and resources.

General Anti-Racism Books and Resources:

Young Author Books:

If you are interested in buying these books from Independent Bookstores rather than Amazon, Bookshop is a good website to use is

If you would like to buy books from Independent Black-Owned Bookstores, here is a list of stores across the nation

Preschool Education:

K-12 Education:

Postsecondary Education:


Webinars/Recordings/YouTube Videos/Ted Talks

Documentary Films