American Institutes for Research

American Institutes for Research (AIR) is serving as the external evaluator to the IL-PART grant. Since its founding in 1946, AIR has been a nationally recognized leader in social science research with a distinct focus on educator workforce excellence. In recent years, AIR has engaged in several, multi-year studies of pre-service and in-service professional development programs, including programs for school leader development AIR’s studies of pre-service and in-service leadership development programs are multi-year and multi-state, ranging in scale from several thousand educators in a randomized controlled trial on the effect of feedback on principals and schools to a few principals involved in a multi-case analysis on turnaround leadership practice.

The external evaluation of IL-PART explores two internship models: intensive/full-time vs. traditional/part-time. The evaluation examines the differences between the two models, and includes an exploration of outcomes during the pre- and in-service phases. The pre-service phase explores program satisfaction and fidelity of implementation, while the in-service phase explores impact on student growth and other metrics involved in the principal performance evaluation. Preliminary evaluation reports have already provided actionable feedback and lessons learned.

The AIR evaluation team includes:

  • Matt Clifford (
  • Melissa Brown-Sims (
  • Pamela Bonsu (
  • Amy Potemski (
  • Bo Zhu (

The AIR website is available here.