The external evaluation of IL-PART explores two internship models: intensive/full-time vs. traditional/part-time. The evaluation examines the extent of differences between the two models, and includes an exploration of outcomes during the pre- and in-service phases. The pre-service phase (conducted in Years 1-3) explores program satisfaction and fidelity of implementation, while the in-service phase (to be conducted in Years 4-5) will explore impact on student growth and other metrics involved in the principal performance evaluation.

Enrollment & Completion

IL-PART projected that 80 principal candidates would be enrolled in three years, however by Year 3, IL-PART Partners have enrolled 161 candidates with a 99% retention rate.
At the end of year two, there have been 18 candidates who have earned the Illinois Principal Endorsement with another 31 candidates who have applied for certification and have taken the exam or will take the exam this summer.
Of these graduates, 7 have been hired as assistant principals – 2 of which are hired in IL-PART schools and 2 have been hired as principals – 1 of which has been hired in an IL-PART school.

Candidate Satisfaction

An evaluation conducted by the American Institutes for Research (AIR), found that 80 percent of candidates in IL-PART programs agreed or strongly agreed that their internship experience provided them with opportunities to learn how to become (1) an effective school principal at all grade levels; (2) an effective principal at schools serving students with various backgrounds; and (3) a principal in their current employer schools.

Principal Support

100% of principals and assistant principals from Cohort 1 that have participated in on-going IL-PART training and/or support services have been rated as effective or highly effective on their performance evaluations (a significant portion of which is determined through student growth metrics).
94% of principals and assistant principals that have participated in IL-PART professional development activities have demonstrated positive student growth and no participants have demonstrated negative growth.


QPS-WIU Interns Accredit Leadership Roles to the IL-PART Opportunity

Scott Douglas, Quincy Jr. High School Intern Selected as Quincy Sr. High School Athletic Director

Tony Fesler, Monroe Elementary School Intern, Named Pittsfield High School Assistant Principal

Lisa Otten, Quincy Sr. High School Intern, Selected as Quincy Sr. High School SAM