Large Unit District Association of Illinois (LUDA)

LUDA provides technical assistance to the universities and districts on leadership development issues, as well as issues regarding the development of strong university–district partnerships. Key to this work, LUDA staff Diane Rutledge, a former LUDA superintendent, and Bert Hendee, a former Human Resource Director, provide support to the central administration staff of IL-PART districts to build capacity and support for the work. Diane Rutledge and Bert Hendee also participate with the Instructional Round team in QPS providing technical support to local schools.

LUDA represents the largest fifty-three unit districts in Illinois, thus speaking on behalf of more than half of the students in the state. Unit districts are those that educate students in PreK through grade 12 and large is defined as enrollments of at least 3,500. LUDA finds the commonality in the diversity of our members, thus overcoming regional differences.

LUDA is committed to partnerships and collaboration. Whether it is universities, other professional organizations, advocacy groups, government entities, and private businesses, our commitment is to the support of our member districts, their students, staffs, and communities.

Diane K. Rutledge
Diane K. RutledgePh.D. Executive Director
Roberta Hendee
Roberta HendeeAssistant Director

The Large Unit District Association of Illinois website is available here.