Illinois Partnerships Advancing Rigorous Training  (IL-PART)

East Aurora School District #131 and  North Central College

Aurora is located approximately 40 miles from Chicago, and it shares many of the challenges faced by its large urban counterpart. East Aurora District 131 serves approximately 14,799 students in 18 schools, of which 82% are low-income students. The racial make-up of their students includes 86% Latino, 8% African-American; 3% Caucasian; 1% multi-racial; and the remainder Asian or Native American. In addition, 35% of the students are categorized as limited-English proficiency.

District 131 recently forged a formal partnership agreement with North Central College (NCC) to collaborate in the preparation of aspiring principals and respond to the new requirements set forth by the State. North Central College is a 150-year-old comprehensive, liberal arts college located just east of Aurora, in Naperville, IL. The Department of Education at NCC offers a Masters of Arts in Education degree with a specialization in Educational Leadership and Administration leading to a Principal Endorsement. The principal preparation program requires a total of 12 courses. NCC’s partnership with District 131 allows the program to provide a rigorous and relevant internship experience that prepares aspiring candidates for the challenges faced by today’s schools. NCC has enrolled three cohorts of principal candidates since being a part of the IL-PART grant.

EA & NCC IL-PART Principal Prep Intern Application Process

This tool was designed as a partnership effort between East Aurora School District #131 and North Central College to designate the application process for candidates who wished to be in the IL-PART principal preparation program.  It is important to note that this is an exclusive agreement between District #131 and North Central College; however, this one part of the process to be involved in the program is shared to show that planning and working together are essential to make this program successful.

NCC Internship Evidence Chart

North Central College’s Internship Evidence Chart is a very thorough document of all the program’s requirements for the internship including a special “residency” requirement of the program.  This document clearly spells out what the expectations are for the intern along with ideas for artifacts that will support the activities and expectations. This chart is used by the candidate, the mentor, and faculty supervisor so that everyone is on the same expectations page with regards to the internship.

NCC Internship Overview Sample

This document is a general overview of North Central’s expectations for internship candidates entering that phase of the principal preparation program.  Having an overview document such as this is helpful for students to understand the overall expectations and comprehensiveness of the internship requirements which are more thorough than most internships.