2018 IL-PART Symposium

Principal Preparation, Recruitment, Hiring, Development and Retention: An IL-PART Symposium

On May 7, 2018 the IL-PART Team shared lessons learned through the IL-PART Grant, what the data tell us, tools you can use and much more.  Within the IL-PART Grant, partners collaborated in a two-fold effort aimed at: 1) enhancing the role of the district/university partnerships in creating rigorous and relevant principal training programs aligned to the complexities faced by today’s principals; and 2) working collectively to improve teaching and learning and support high academic standards for students in participating high-need districts.  The partners worked to prepare highly-effective school principals and assistant principals that positively impact student learning in high-need districts.  They also developed effective partnerships between university partners and high-need districts to build leadership capacity in an effort to improve student outcomes.  

2016 IL-PART Symposium

IL-PART Symposium: Advanced Learning in the Support of Illinois School Districts’ Growth of Future and Practicing School Leaders on June 20th & June 21st, 2016