Illinois Partnerships Advancing Rigorous Training  (IL-PART)

Quincy Public Schools # 172 and Western Illinois University  

Quincy is located in western Illinois along the Mississippi River. District 172 includes a total enrollment of 6,868 students in 10 schools. It currently has a poverty rate of 61% of students receiving free and reduced lunches). The racial make-up of its student population includes 81% Caucasian; 11% African-American; 5% multi-racial; 2% Latino; 1% Asian.

District 172 recently forged a formal partnership agreement with Western Illinois University (WIU) to collaborate in the preparation of principals. WIU is a public university located in Macomb, Illinois in the west-central part of the state. It is comprised of several campuses, in order to bring the course offerings to the students living and working in a wide, rural geographic area as well as the urban areas of the “Quad Cities” (Davenport, IA; Bettendorf, IA; Moline, IL; and Rock Island, IL). Unlike other Principal Preparation Programs in Illinois, WIU attracts candidates from multiple states, including Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois. The Principal Preparation Program at WIU consists of 13 courses and 4 credit hours of internship experiences sequentially developed in a cohort model, designed to be completed within three years. WIU is in its 3rd cohort of the IL-PART grant.

QPS-WIU Competency Assessment Log
The Quincy Public Schools and Western Illinois University devised this Competency Assessment Log to help their internship candidates keep track of the assessments that they had completed and those that still needed to be finished. This one-page document is easy to review and to assess as to where the intern is in regards to the completion of the assessments.

QPS-WIU Principal Internship Action Plan
The Quincy Public Schools and Western Illinois University devised this Action Planning tool for intern candidates, mentors, and faculty supervisors.  It is a very good guide to help all three focus on the internship assessments along with Quincy PS identified priorities to be completed with the required state assessment activities. The planning document helps provide space for activities that are either observations, participation, and/or created/led.  Additional ideas for artifacts are also listed.

QPS-WIU SREB Critical Success Factor Guide
The Quincy Public Schools and Western Illinois University created this tool for internship candidates to use in meeting the state required 13 SREB Critical Success Factor assessments. Each of the critical success factors are listed along with the internship experiences expected to meet the success factor assessment. Each of the 13 Critical Success Factors are further broken down into elements which makes 36 essential activities that internship candidates must address in the internship.

QPS-WIU SREB Critical Success Factor Log
The Quincy Public Schools and Western Illinois University created this tool as a companion document to the QPS-WIU SREB Critical Success Factor Guide. The Critical Success Factors Log documents the intern’s experience, the assessment used to determine the intern’s proficiency on the assessment, and intern’s participation level. By using the combination of the Guide and the Log, the program, mentor, and intern can be assured of completing all the SREB requirements.