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We help increase principal effectiveness in areas that lead to increases in student achievement.


Leadership Framework

The Leadership Framework includes the following school-based organizational activities:

  • regular meetings between the principals and leadership coaches
  • regular Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) meetings facilitated by the principal
  • regular grade-level and/or content area meetings facilitated by an ILT representative
  • on-going/job embedded professional development
  • technical assistance
  • multiple feedback loops to inform a structured continuous improvement process.

By implementing the Leadership Framework, principals and teachers collaboratively establish organizational routines designed to institutionalize effective practices and policies.


Cycles of Inquiry

The Cycles of Inquiry training series was developed by Dr. Shelby Cosner, in collaboration with professional development experts at the DuPage Regional Office of Education.  The Cycles of Inquiry process is not an innovation fad or an add-on to existing school improvement efforts. Instead, Cycles of Inquiry reinforces existing school improvement structures and efforts, by bringing new discipline and depth to the work.


Cycles of Inquiry is an alternative to episodic, event-based planning that in the past has been known to generate a “plan” (usually in response to a compliance requirement mandated by the district or state), that too often is absent of organizational commitment to fully implement the plan and the efforts ultimately fall far short of their potential for lasting transformation.


The Cycles of Inquiry process utilizes common structures and roles found within schools (e.g. principals, assistant principals, instructional leadership teams, teacher team meetings, etc.) and provides them with tools, routines, and practices that increase both efficiency and effectiveness. It includes a five-step, action/analysis process that can be continuously refined to address the needs of the specific school, grade level, content area, or classroom context.